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Checklist for Choosing a Good DJ

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At Dj Guy, we encourage our clients to be informed. While shopping around for an event or wedding DJ Service, you should always ask about these important factors. We ALWAYS guarantee quality, professional and personalized service.

Personalized Interview

Successful events are not the result of good luck, but more the result of good planning. Every function has unique style and character, and rightfully so. While one client might prefer lively dance music with a very interactive DJ. another might choose a slower more relaxed mix of music with no DJ involvement. This is why at DJ GUY we will meet personally with each and every client at our studio to determine music tastes and all scheduled formalities. You are welcome to schedule an evening interview for your convenience following the workday.

Speaker Size Does Matter!

The quality of equipment used for special events has a direct impact on the success of the day as well as the willingness of people to dance and ability to hear announcements. Small, tinny sounding speakers that cannot deliver high quality sound for toasts, introductions and announcements will cause the crowd to lose interest. Always ask to hear the same sound system that will be provided at your event and beware if the answer comes back negative. For truly superior sound with crisp highs. tight midrange and bass, DJ GUY uses the finest 3-way JBL Professional grade speakers that money can buy. This ensures an enjoyable volume level for all guests throughout the event's entirety.

Volume Control

Our DJs are trained to periodically check on sound comfort levels from the client as well as all guests. This ensures an enjoyable volume level for all guests throughout the event's entirety.

Liability Insurance

Accidents are rare, but do happen. One million dollars of liability coverage is reasonable and offers peace-of-mind and protection against the unforeseen. Ask all DJ Services you interview if they are covered!

Extensive Music Selection

You'll need an extensive selection of music suitable to all age groups and tastes. DJ services may boast massive music collections, but "seeing is believing." So make it a goal to visit and review the music list in person. DJ GUY has more than 15,000 compact disc quality selections available, ranging from Oldies to the latest Top '40s. We are so confident of our extensive collection that we make it a practice to take requests!

Fun, Expert, Well Dressed DJs

Our DJs dress to your specifications, whether that be in tuxedo or theme attire. DJ GUY trains all DJs to be flexible in all events - be it in their dress, guest requests and input, and music selection. DJ GUY DJs have extensive training in working with the crowd, as well as changing client needs to ensure the success of the event.

No Hidden Costs

Companies with complicated pricing plans or extra add-ons should be reviewed with caution. Charges for transportation, system set-up, extra music, microphones, speakers, light show, etc... are examples. All clients receive the same high quality equipment and services at the same competitive price. A customer should be able to depend on the DJ service to provide everything required for an awesome evening of fun and dance with their guests for one simple charge. At DJ GUY no such hidden costs or charges exist.

Full-Time DJ Office

Be sure your DJ Service can be contacted for questions or an interview. Part time DJ companies do not have the stability to always guarantee their services. DJ GUY is a FUll TIME DJ service, has been in business for over fifteen years, and we'll be there when you need us.


Referrals are a positive sign, but the best come from Catering and Sales Managers. They get to see and compare all DJs on an equivalent basis. If you think about it , even the most part time DJ can find a few referrals from their history, so ask for a few Catering Manager referrals too!

Visit the Music Studio

The most important point has been saved for last. SEE and HEAR the DIFFERENCE in person at our studio. It will provide tangible proof of our commitment to the needs of your special event. Ask other DJ companies for the same commitment and tangible proof.

Your event is in safe hands with DJ Guy!

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